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Home Workstation Ergonomics

Many of us find ourselves working from home during this time of social distancing and may not have had an opportunity to plan for and set up an ergonomically correct workstation. The good news is we don’t need fancy or expensive ergonomic equipment to comfortably work from home. Key tips for avoiding muscle soreness and strains include:

· Don’t wait until you develop stiffness or soreness to take action. Take regular breaks to stretch and rest.

· Avoid muscle soreness and strain by changing positions regularly. Take advantage of being at home and move your workstation throughout the day if you have a laptop.

· Take regular microbreaks and look away from the computer screen for 10 seconds to avoid eye strain. Work in areas with no reflection or glare from the monitor.

· Stand on a comfortable mat when using a stand-at-home workstation. Stand no more than 10 minutes each hour so be sure to alternate between sitting and standing.

· Use earbuds or speaker phone. Don’t cradle the phone between your shoulder and ear.

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